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Victoria Sundqvist


A Swedish artist based in Stockholm. Originating from the upper north part of Sweden - Boden.

In my artwork you can often find flora and fauna strongly connected to Norrbotten and Lappland - regions in the upper north part of Sweden that holds a truly special place in my heart.

If you have any questions about my artwork or would like to commission me for a mural - please send me an email to


I have created paintings and illustrations all my life and started using spraycans as a medium in 2015.

I work on both canvas and walls and frequently take on commissions.

I like to paint and illustrate motifvs that are some what surrealistic with a dash of humor. For a long time I have painted with a monochrom color palette or in grayscale, but over the last couple of years more and more saturated colors have found there way in to my creations. 



Vintersalongen, group exhibit - Katrineholms Konsthall


Med rötter i graffiti, group exhibit - Sörmlands museum

Med rötter i graffiti, group exhibit - Perrongen

Med rötter i graffiti, group exhibit - Multeum


Head amongst the clouds - Norra Station Street Art Gallery

Kvadrat, group exhibit - Wallery Gallery


A(u)ktion!, group exhibit - Metropol auktioner

Kvadart, group exhibit - Wallery Gallery


Turned Street Art - Wallery Gallery

Art Stays Here - Scandic Berlin

Backyard, group exhibit - Wallery Gallery

Umami, group exhibit - Wallery Gallery

Untitled solo exhibit - Judit&Bertil